hail naïviety

i'm not quite sure if anyone reads this at all. if you care enough to read about me, then i probably care about you too. and if you care about me and i care about you, i might have told you that sometimes things get dumb and ugly and dark. 

but the worst is over now, no?

top five things i want right now: 
(written in countdown form per request)
5. unconditional lovers
4. ice cream sundae
3. an acceptance letter
2. a new camera
1. peace/piece of mind

3 commentaires:

shannon a dit…

I read this! And I love you! I am in your heart and in your bed.

i don't know yet. a dit…

i read your blog. i really like it!

JadedEvan a dit…

I really like what you've written on here so far. I just stumbled across this link from your flickr account. Definitely look forward to reading more.

- Evan